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ITC Bauhaus
Type Specimen

ITC Bauhaus Type Specimen is an unconventional type specimen for the existing ITC Bauhaus typeface by Joe Taylor (based on Universal by Herbert Bayer). This type specimen pulls from design values of the Bauhaus, such as primary colors and shapes, while experimenting with other ideals of what a type specimen can be. The function of this type specimen is not only to show
off the typeface, but also to emphasize its context in Bauhaus Design History beyond type design. The typeface is presented through the large laser-cut letters and laser-engraved font family, formed like a puzzle as the simple geometric shapes allows the letters to piece together seamlessly. While the emphasis on the medium and sculptural form, such as the industrial-level screws, is dedicated to the Bauhaus that was also heavily infused within Architecture and Interior Design thinking.
ITC Bauhaus Type Specimen is an unconventional type specimen that breaks away from the traditional function of displaying a typeface as it incorporates other elements of the Bauhaus Design History into the overall form of the type specimen.

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